Pit Vipers are a popular brand of sunglasses for motorcycle riding that has been around since the 2012. Pit Vipers are famous for providing great protection from UVA and UVB rays, as well as protection from harmful reflected light. When you are taking your motorcycle on the road, you should consider sunglasses. Because it is extremely important to have a pair of sunglasses that provide you with these many benefits. Anyway, the best protective sunglasses for motorcycle riding are the yellow Pit Viper sunglasses.

High-end Pit Viper Sunglasses


High-end Pit Viper
High-end Pit Viper

Pit Viper the Vice apply extremely durable materials that will protect your eyes from the sun, as well as blocking out any harmful reflected light. They also contain anti-reflective coating on the lenses that will reduce the brightness of the glare. Both of these unique features are important to look for when choosing the perfect sunglasses.

Pit Viper: Easy to Identify

One of the most unique features of purple Pit Viper sunglasses is that they incorporate the company’s trademark orange color into the design. This makes them easy to identify in a crowd. They feature black lenses, which give them the ultimate in protection. You will not have to worry about getting struck by the light, because these are so dark.

Sturdy Frame

They feature a sturdy frame with high-impact nylon and high-tech ceramic lens. These materials will eliminate the need for you to ever complain of cracking even when you are hitting the worst possible angles while riding your bike. In fact, the body of the sunglasses will be able to absorb impacts up to 300 times its own weight. As a result, you will get full protection in every direction no matter how hard or smooth the road is.

Additional Protections

 Pit Viper 1993 polarized

There is also additional protection that you can enjoy with Pit Viper the exciters. For example, when you are riding at an angle, you can see behind without blocking out anything. This means that you can enjoy a clear vision without having to squint your eyes in order to see anything clearly. While you are protecting your eyes with the helmet, you will find that your peripheral vision is enhanced as well.

Polarized Lenses

These are going to have polarized lenses. Polarized lenses help to decrease the glare from the sun, because the glasses will absorb some of the heat that is produced by the sun. This means that you will be able to ride knowing that you won’t be as distracted by the sunlight as others might be. The sunglasses are going to be available in a number of different hues as well. They are going to come in blue, green, gray, and even red. polarized, for example, are one of the best-sellers. You can choose the colors that you are most comfortable with.

Pit Viper the exciters
Pit Viper the exciters

Pit Viper – the ULTIMATE Protection

When you are shopping for black Pit Viper sunglasses, be sure that you consider the safety features included in them as well. When you are wearing a helmet that does not offer any protection, you might find that you do not feel safe when you are on your motorcycle. Therefore, it will be necessary to purchase some good to protect your entire face as well.