The most popular Pit Viper Sunglasses Colors
Pit Viper sunglasses colors

One of the Pit Viper’s most popular looks is its two-toned color scheme that mixes the vivid red and orange with the cool blue. In many photos you can see the two colors splashed across the frames of some of the newer Pit Viper sunglasses. While this look works well, it doesn’t always look that good in the real world. You can find a few variations to this theme such as using a yellow face rather than a red one. But for the most part, the two tones work really well together.
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There are some shades of red that just look awesome on Pit Vipers. These include the deep reds that you often see in the prints and papers and the brighter reds that show up when you have the sun behind you. If you want to add some color to your sunglasses, then consider using these shades in your color scheme. They add a lot of punch to the eyewear and can really pop off the frames.

Green Pit Viper sunglasses

One of the coolest Pit Viper sunglasses colors is the green and pink sunglasses that many people like. If you pair green with pink then you have a timeless look that always works. This is because the pink and green will stand out against the deep green of the eyes and the deep purple background of the lenses.

Pink and yellow are also very popular colors to see on Pit Vipers. These colors give a girly look that many women love. They work well with a neutral colored frame and can really bring out the feminine side of many women. One problem is that these colors don’t really go with black lenses very well. So if you want to wear green Pit Viper sunglasses with black lenses, you may want to opt for black and yellow or red and green sunglasses instead.

Blue Pit Viper sunglasses

Of course red is the most popular color to see on Pit Vipers. Red is also a very aggressive color and can really stand out against any sunglasses. There are some mixed feelings about wearing red sunglasses but most people think they look awesome.

The third and last most popular color is green. Green lenses are great if you want a little privacy. They are great when driving and going down hill. There aren’t many downsides to Blue Pit Viper sunglasses. You can find them at most online retailers and at local sporting goods stores.

Purple Pit Viper sunglasses

Hopefully this brief guide gives you a good idea of what to look for in Pit Vipers. Most colors will be more popular when compared to white or black but there are exceptions. One example is that blue colored lenses are cool but not nearly as cool as green or red. If you really want to be adventurous then you can find Purple Pit Viper sunglasses with colored lenses!

If you do a lot of driving, you might even consider buying Pit Vipers with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses reduce glare so you have less of an accident if you’re in the middle of no where. Plus they make sunglasses look cooler and more fashionable. Go ahead and check out a few of your favorites in colored lenses today!

Yellow Pit Viper sunglasses

Remember, though, that the color of your Pit Viper sunglasses does not directly correlate to how good the lens is for glare reduction. If you spend a lot of time driving around in your Yellow Pit Viper sunglasses and get tired of the brown tint, you can always switch to black. However, remember that the lens quality of a Pit Viper is primarily measured by how well it protects you from sunlight. The sun is quite strong so you don’t necessarily want a dark lens with a very strong tint because the only people who would benefit from it are those who live in the desert or in sunny climates where the sun is stronger than average.

As far as Pit Vipers goes, light brown lenses are pretty standard. This is because most people’s vision is adapted to the green color. There is no need for you to change lenses just because your favorite color is wearing them! Light brown lenses are also a very common choice for men who want something a bit more rugged than their girlie glasses. And green lenses can be very useful for outdoors people and drivers as they block out the sunlight while providing a little bit of privacy.


If you do have an eye for colors, then you should have no problem finding sunglasses that suit your tastes. You should probably choose colors that contrast with your skin tone (cooler colors tend to contrast with light skin) and your hair color (if you have light skin). Try to stick to the neutral colors. For example, if you have a gray-green complexion, you should avoid sunglasses that have blue-green hues (unless you want a blue eye). These general rules should help you find great sunglasses that fit your fashion needs!