The Leonardo is a great pair of sunglasses for all types of sportsmen. These sunglasses have a classic look, but also offer a modern, edgy look. With a wide range of styles, they have something for everyone, from hardcore sportsmen to fashionistas. In addition to offering a great look, these sunglasses are extremely high quality, with a lifetime warranty on both the lenses and frames.

The design is reminiscent of a classic aviator, but is streamlined to be lightweight. Its unique style is also a distinct feature, and the company’s website has a 90s-inspired aesthetic. Pit Viper leonardo sunglasses are available with 50% off coupons for a limited time only, and are sure to impress.


The Leonardo XS

The lightweight molded plastic frames of XS feature interchangeable lenses, a sturdy rubber headband, and adjustable locking buckles on the lens and temples. The adjustable temples allow the wearer to modify the size of the lens as needed to match the shape of a kid’s face. This pair of kids sunglasses is great for children who participate in sports but may be too feminine for a boy.

With its adjustable width and height, the Leonardo XS Pit Vipers for kids has a lower profile than the adult version. These sunglasses are a favorite among kids because of their fashion-conscious nature. The XS for kids has the same durability, adjustability, and adjustability of the adults’ version. The XS for kids has a rounded frame, making it easier for kids to fit.

The is a legendary pair of sunglasses. Originally, Chuck Garcin bought some surplus US Army sunglasses, and later co-founded the brand. These sunglasses are famous for their appealing designs, large-scale manufacturing, and lighthearted marketing. The prototypes were durable enough to withstand a variety of abuse, including crushing, throwing, and run over. This, in turn, allowed Chuck and Chris to design a pair of sunglasses that had adequate eye protection.

The Leonardo Polarized

The Leonardo 2000 Pit Vipers polarized is an excellent choice for any outdoor enthusiast. Its polarized lens blocks harmful ultraviolet rays that cause eye fatigue. This pair of sunglasses is made of durable plastic that allows them to float for several seconds. Pit also come with an extendable cord to avoid losing them in the water. To clean them, simply use warm water. Avoid using salt water. Instead, use a microfiber cloth specifically designed for lenses. Never use a shirt or any other material to clean the lenses.

The Pit Viper 2000 Sunglasses are a great choice for the outdoorsman. The sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and 12% light transmission. They also look slick and give you an edge in your social circle. This pair is ideal for all outdoor sports and is perfect for outdoor activities. They’re also great for outdoor sports, and for a rugged lifestyle.

The Leonardo Blue

The is a unique sunglasses that demands authority and respect. These sunglasses not only look cool but also offer excellent UV protection and perfect peripheral vision. They eliminate the annoying reflections of sunlight and make colors more defined.

Blue sunglass lenses provide stunning and enhanced color perception. They also help you see contours around objects more clearly while offering protection from reflective surfaces, especially snow. Sunglasses with blue lenses also work well in foggy and misty weather. Plus, they look good on almost any skin tone.

The brand was founded on a simple principle: to make sunglasses that people will be proud to show off. It takes retro design cues from the 1960s and 1970s to create its signature bold styles. The mirrored lenses, large frames, and generous doses of neon are signatures of the brand. These sunglasses follow a retro aesthetic, with double meanings, straight-up crudeness, and uncompromising protection.