Pit Viper fashion glasses

The Pit Viper fashion glasses have been a favorite of punk rock and surf culture icons for over 40 years. The brand is so iconic that it even has its own celebrity brand ambassadors, including Travis Pastrana, Larry “The Enticer” Smith and Riff Raff. The brand culture is one of balls-to-the-wall fun and outrageous cool. Pit come in a variety of styles and colors, from twisted tea to gobby.

Gobby Pit Vipers

The names of the sunglasses are provocative, but they’re designed to be fun and fashionable. These sunglasses feature celebrities, mullets, and mannequins in their advertising campaigns. They also feature catchy slogans that make people laugh. They come in single and double-wide styles, and you can find a pair to match any outfit. The Gobby Polarized Pit Viper Sunglasses with a pink on blue splattered frame, white accents, and a pink mirror lens. Because of their lens shape and color, the Pink Pit Vipers are great for a number of occasions, and you can pair them with other accessories to create a unique look.

The company began in 2012, when Chuck Mumford, a longtime skier, saw a need for stylish but rugged sunglasses. Despite being a high-end brand, Pit Viper sunglasses are surprisingly durable. They can be tossed around, shot at, and sat on, yet retain their sun-bucking ability. In fact, the company has sold countless pairs of gobby Pit Viper glasses since their creation in 2012.

Pit Vipers

The iconic Yankee noodle Pit Vipers has been reimagined as fashionable sunglasses. Designed by famous designer, James Perse, this line of sunglasses reflects the Americana style. Each pair has a distinctive frame with a sturdy functional construction. Designed for men and women, these sunglasses offer a classic and sexy look. With their patriotic colors and design, they are perfect for any day, whether at the beach or on the golf course.

Stylish and comfortable, Pit Viper sunglasses are the perfect accessory for your every day activities. They can withstand a beating and keep going. These glasses can be shot at, tossed into your pocket or dropped a few times, and will still look great. These stylish shades feature an ergonomically designed nose pad and ear pads, a turbo adjustment system, and three points of adjustment. You can also tilt the lens of the glasses to keep them close to your face.

Twisted Tea Pit Vipers

Pit Viper has partnered with the adult beverage Twisted Tea by fitting a limo with a hot tub. If that’s not a party you want to join, we’re not sure what is. In true Pit Viper fashion, the partnership also includes a limited release of Twisted Tea Pit Vipers 2000s that are just as irresistible as a Twisted Tea tallboy, custom Bag ‘N Box (168 oz. of Twisted Twea + 2000s sunglasses), co-branded scrunchies, Tushy Totes, and Hot Mesh Hats. What began as a single man’s inked bicep has evolved into a brand partnership match made in Heaven.

The Pit Viper x Twisted Tea sunglasses feature full UV protection. They come in blue and gray and come in two sizes. The lenses feature blue dots and the frames have brightly coloured arms. These glasses are retro in design and sure to turn heads. The curved, twisted frames are the perfect choice for fashionistas and sportspeople. The polarized lenses block out the sun’s harmful UV rays, making it the perfect choice for outdoor activity.