If you’re looking for affordable, durable and comfortable Pit Viper shades, you should definitely consider the clear Pit Vipers. The Pit Viper brand offers classic styles as well as trendy styles. Therefore, this brand offers styles for everyone, from hardcore sportsmen to fashionistas. Additionally, each pair of Pit Viper clear frame sunglasses comes with a quality guarantee that includes no scratched lenses or broken frames.

Playful Design of Pit

The design of Pit Viper black square sunglasses is fun and playful, but they’re also high quality. The brand came after two skiers with a simple idea: create glasses that look cool, but still have the quality you need. Their slogan, “put your face between a pair of pit vipers,” is both humorous and provocative.

The original Pit came from US army surplus. They look just like Army SPECS glasses, but the frames are different. Chuck and Chris decided to make a pair of polarized Pit Vipers that was durable and still looked good. They had to create a pair of glasses that would withstand a beating and would not crack.

Various Styles of Pit Viper Shades

are available in many styles. You can choose from the classic Pit Viper 1993, the Grand Prix, the Elliptical, and the new Intimidators. They’re top-quality sunglasses that are perfect for any look or activity. Therefore, you can wear them on the beach, in the mountains, or on a boat. Moreover, they’re using tough polycarbonate, and offer complete UV protection.

While Pit Viper’s name and design came in the nineties, the Pit Viper is also famous online. These Viper shades have a nostalgic effect for those who grew up in that time. While this makes the Pit Viper Miami Nights more edgy, they’re also guaranteed to stay intact, with no broken frames or scratched lenses.

Pit Viper purple reign

Versatile Pit Vipers for Outdoors

Pit Viper double wide sunglasses are ideal for a variety of activities. From snow sports to water sports, to motor racing, to urban wear, they are the perfect choice. Not only do they provide 100% UV protection, but they also have a wide range of features. These are suitable for all weather conditions, from rain and snow to bright sunlight.

Pit Viper shades are the ultimate in performance. The are durable enough to withstand being shot at, shoved into pockets, or run over. In addition, they are applying materials that are impervious to shock and are suitable for extreme sports and extreme conditions.

Stylish Pit

Designed with the American flag as their main motif, American flag Pit Vipers are popular among far-right extremists. Despite this, the company has sought to distance itself from white nationalists. Pit Viper shades are available in a variety of designs. To give you an idea of what they look like, take a look at the Yankee noodle.

These unique shades are using high-quality materials and have a solid construction. They can even survive being shot at, shoved in a pocket, or run over. Thus, they are able to match their users’ extreme lifestyle. To make them even more unique, they have teamed up with professional champagne popper Chris Garcin.