While Pit Viper polarized sunglasses work for some, we don’t typically recommend them for sports that involve spotting and tracking a ball. This is because they can affect depth perception, which isn’t true for all, but it’s something to think about. There also doesn’t tend to be a lot of the irritating glare in a baseball field that polarized lenses are designed to reduce.

The prescription lenses in are specially shaped to give you clear vision on the game. You also won’t be bothered by glare. The designer are very cool. They will stand out and get noticed because of their styling.

Pit Viper baseball Prescription sunglasses
Pit Viper baseball Prescription sunglasses

lenses For Baseball

The best prescription baseball sunglasses of 2021 is Pit Viper sunglasses, and protection is what these sunglasses offer. From UV rays to stray balls, Pit Viper sunglasses will take care of the damage. And although they don’t have polarized lenses, they do have extremely well-poured rubber lens. This will cut down on any glare.

So if your cool factor is setting the scene for a great date night, a nice romantic evening, or a great date with your wife, Pit Viper sunglasses might be the cool pair for you. These sunglasses will set the mood. They’ll make you look cool, and help you get noticed. Don’t worry; they’re not going anywhere. They’re a staple in all fashions, and they’ll always be cool.

Pit Vipers sunglasses for sports

But if you’re looking for a little something extra to accentuate your features, Pit Vipers also feature the world’s best prescription baseball sunglasses of the 21st century. They feature an anti-reflective coating that will reduce glare. Because they don’t have polarization lenses, they’ll stay bright even in the brightest light. That’s because the coating is a little like a sticker. When it’s applied, it sticks to the lens, reducing the reflection, and enhancing contrast. This creates a great pair of sunglasses for sunny days, but it also makes them great for use on cloudy days too.

And because of the way that the frames be used for any activity. If you play sports, work out at the gym, they’ll protect you from injury and give you great protection against the weather. If you ride a bicycle, Pit Vipers can also be used for that too. All in all, they’re one of the most versatile sunglasses on the market today.

How to choose

Find the right fit. Your shades should fit comfortably yet snugly, so there’s no risk of them flying off your face mid-game. Since most baseball players opt for a hat, you’ll likely want to select a pair of shades that fits comfortably with a hat on.

Opt for safety first. It’s critical to select sunglasses with shatter-resistant lenses, just in case you’re hit by a stray ball.

Consider the best color or tint for your lenses. Most baseball players prefer lens colors like orange, yellow, or amber. These colors tend to provide the best contrast and color perception between the ball and everything surrounding it.

The most unique aspect of these sunglasses is their interchangeable lens system. Instead of being fixed on to the temple, you can easily exchange them for one lens, or two, or ten. No matter what you’re doing, boys baseball sunglasses will have the lens you need. And thanks to the interchangeable system, you don’t have to sacrifice style.

You can be confident in your purchase when you shop online. You’ll get fantastic discounts from reputable retailers, and you’ll find that the quality of these sunglasses is just as great as those in the box at the optometrist. With your Pit Viper for a present, or as a gift, you’ll know that you’ve made a great choice. With its sleek metal frame, and its interchangeable lens system, these are a great choice for any day.